LANSING – State Representative Pam Faris (D-Clio) introduced House Bill 4785 today to eliminate state fees some disabled veterans have to pay when they give or receive the gift of a specially equipped vehicle to transport persons with disabilities.

HB 4785 will eliminate some of the struggles numerous veterans face while trying to support themselves. The bill would help easily transfer the title on the vehicle from the previous owner to the new owner, disposing of some issues.

“This issue was brought to me when a when a disabled Afghanistan veteran from my district was given the opportunity to receive a handicapped-equipped vehicle from another veteran. Unfortunately, the family was not able to afford the fees required with the transfer of vehicle ownership. This should not be the case when concerning disabled veterans. As a state, we should honor the service of all our veterans and give special consideration to the great sacrifices wounded soldiers and their families continue to make long after their return home,” said Faris.

With the Fourth of July upon us, remembering and honoring our nation’s and state’s veterans should be a priority.

“A generous gift from one disabled veteran to another disabled veterans should not be prevented because of state fees,” Faris said.