CLIO – Yesterday, state Rep. Pam Faris (D-Clio) introduced House Bill 6464, which would ensure transparency for Michigan consumers by requiring retailers to provide them with the scanned price of individual items they purchase at the point of sale. This bill was introduced in response to concerns voiced by constituents about their experiences at some local stores.

“Figuring out what price you are paying for an item can sometimes be difficult when retailers run promotional sales or price signs are simply misplaced,” Faris said. “This bill would bring some much needed clarity to the shopping experience.”

Under the existing Michigan Consumer Protection Act, retailers are not required to display item prices at the checkout, leaving it difficult for consumers to know the per-item price of their purchase before they’ve paid and are provided a receipt. HB 6464 would ensure that the customer can visibly see the price of an item as it is being scanned. Currently, some stores only have individual item prices visible to the cashier, not the customer, even though there are a variety of ways those prices could be displayed properly in addition to the total.

“Michigan residents have a right to know exactly how much they’re paying for products they’re purchasing, no matter where that purchase is made,” Faris said. “This common-sense proposal would strengthen consumer protections for families across the state by adequately displaying how much money is coming out of their pocketbooks before they have to pay the bill.”