State Representative Pam Faris (D-Clio) supported passage of the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) budget today as it was moved from subcommittee to the full House Committee on Appropriations. Rep. Faris is pleased the recommended budget includes 29.5 percent increases in funding to both county road commissions and cities and villages.

“Road funding is important for cities and rural areas alike. We can’t favor densely populated urban areas over one-stoplight towns, or vice versa.” Faris continued, “I’m glad this budget gives everyone a much needed funding increase and am proud the extra money does not come from the general fund.”

Other highlights in the MDOT budget include an 11.2 percent increase in funds for local transit programs and additional money to maintain and repair state trunk lines.

“The Flint water crisis and massive Detroit Public Schools debt are problems the state owns and must correct. I am happy that in the face of these additional financial challenges, we were able to recommend a budget that finally takes significant action to address the crumbling infrastructure of our state,” said Faris.