DETROIT — State Rep. LaTanya Garrett (D-Detroit) joined special guests at the Fitzgerald Community Council Meeting this week to provide an update on the Fenkell Beautification Project taking place in the city.

“Community input is the gem of any project. The outpouring of suggestions and support that we received for the project was extremely encouraging, and I was happy to be there to answer questions and facilitate meaningful discussions,” Rep. Garrett said. “We all love our city, and this meeting was a powerful display of the potential we have to make a difference when we as neighbors and community partners work together. Ultimately, I believe in the beauty of our community and its neighbors. They deserve a neighborhood that they are proud of and that inspires them. I look forward to seeing this promising project unfold in the coming months.”

The Fenkell Beautification Project is working to improve two vacant lots between Cherrylawn St. and Ohio St. on the north side of Fenkell Ave. Residents were encouraged to attend and provide community input on the design of the site at this week’s council meeting. The start date of the project is still to be announced.