LANSING – State Representative LaTanya Garrett (D-Detroit) expressed her disappointment at the passage of a bill that would eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit as a way to pay for road funding. The EITC elimination would raise taxes on 820,000 low-income working families, while only $117 million would be saved. This number is a drop in the bucket of the more than $1 billion needed to fund Michigan roads.

“By name, this bill is part of a road funding plan introduced by House Republicans, but when you continue to hurt the working poor by putting a tax increase on their shoulders, this is nothing more than the usual agenda of the majority,” said Garrett. “Across the state, families depend on the EITC to help pay their bills, buy groceries or have the money for needed medication. With the elimination of this important tax credit, we are hurting those who are only trying to better themselves and get out of poverty.”

House Democrats have introduced several bills which they believe are a better solution for Michigan. These bills would address topics such as truck weight limits, the Michigan Transportation Fund formula, gradually adjusting gas taxes and transitioning to a graduated income tax. The bills have yet to be scheduled for a committee hearing.

“I have committed myself to helping the people of my district and the state of Michigan since arriving in Lansing, and I am saddened that more could not be done to stop this bill from passing,” said Garrett. “We are tasked with doing what’s best for all Michiganders here in Lansing, but House Republicans have once again served their own interests above all else.”