LANSING — State Rep. Patrick Green (D-Warren) voted in favor of a supplemental budget bill today, House Bill 4321, legislation to add an additional $175 million in road funding  to the Department of Transportation budget effective immediately. Without this funding, communities would suffer crumbling roads until FY 2018-2019 budget funds are released later this year. Supplemental funding passed today includes money to cities, villages and road commissions for local roads. The city of Warren is in line to receive $924, 337 for city streets and roads, with Center Line set to receive $49,110.59.

“This is great news for residents who have been dodging potholes along major roadways. Our roads in Warren and Center Line are crumbling and are only set to get worse,” said Green. “Immediate funding allocated directly to our communities allows us to get to work right away repairing the roads we drive every day.”

Democrats offered an amendment adding an additional $75 million to the bill, but it was defeated along party lines. The same amendment offered earlier today in committee was also defeated by Republican committee members.

“I’m disappointed the House Republicans would not support an extra $75 million for roads in our communities,” said Green. “But over a million dollars for Warren and Center Line is a welcomed step in the right direction.”