LANSING — State Rep. Patrick Green (D-Warren) voted against the general government and school aid budgets this week. Both budgets passed in the House and are now awaiting approval in the Senate before heading to the governor’s desk

“A budget is a statement of priorities, and the budgets we passed yesterday misrepresents the priorities of the residents of Warren and Center Line,” said Green.  “The priorities in the budgets clearly show a lack of understanding from Republican leadership of what taxpayers want and need. Our constituents have been calling for better schools and fixed roads — both of which are underfunded in the budget that passed in the House yesterday.”

Roads and transportation infrastructure continue to decay under this budget. Studies have shown half of our state-owned roads will have fallen into disrepair by the time the Republican road-funding plan reaches targeted funding in 2021. Last year, Gov. Rick Snyder received a report on school funding showing the state was underfunding education by more than $1,000 per student. The $60 per-pupil increase, and $120 per pupil for the lowest-spending districts in this new budget, will fund few improvements in the classroom.

“I voted no for a number of reasons, but primarily because I am disappointed in our failure to accurately represent the needs of the people of Michigan. While I am pleased with the marginal increases in school funding for school districts in Warren and Center Line, we, as a body, need to strive for more,” said Green. “We could have done better for our students, families, and communities — and we will continue to fight for better results.”