LANSING — State Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) expressed his gratitude today at the announcement from the Dearborn Industrial Generation plant that it had rescinded its request for a new unit expansion air permit application.

Following a public hearing and several meetings with department officials, community leaders and local stakeholders, the plant decided to review its future plans at DIG.

“This is an important moment for the residents of Dearborn, who made their voices heard and expressed their concerns about the air quality in the region,” said Rep. Hammoud. “We organized a petition, mobilized the community, and made our voices heard. This was the best of democracy in action.”

In April of 2017, the plan submitted a permit request to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to potentially add a new unit. Concerns expressed by community members and local stakeholders about the impact this expansion could have had on public health and air quality, led the DEQ to host a public forum on the issue in January. They announced on Sunday that the results of the hearing ultimately led them to rescind the request.

“We commend DIG for listening to the community it serves, and for begin an example of how to put people first,” said Rep. Hammoud. “We look forward to partnering with DIG, local leaders and residents on setting new, healthier expectations for our community.”