LANSING — State Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) has introduced House Bill 5119, which would amend the Michigan Vehicle Code to specify that turn signals are required not only when turning, but also when changing lanes.

“This bill seeks to provide clarity, as well as to encourage safe driving in an effort to prevent traffic accidents,” said Hammoud. “The simple and proper use of turn signals can prevent a significant amount of traffic collisions. Revising current state law with these specifics would provide greater understanding of the proper use of turn signals.”

The Michigan Court of Appeals clarified that current law requires the use of a signal when changing lanes, although it is not specifically stated. This bill would codify this decision into state law. Additionally, the bill would also require the use of a turn signal when moving a vehicle from the shoulder into an adjacent lane.

The Michigan State Police website provides a detailed summary of the issue.