LANSING – State Rep. Jon Hoadley (D-Kalamazoo) welcomed a contingent of seniors from the Kalamazoo area who participated in the Older Michiganian’s Day at the state Capitol Tuesday. The annual event called attention to issues such as long-term care, elder abuse, home accessibility, transportation and dementia care. This year’s gathering included a rally on the east lawn of the Capitol, meetings with legislators and community service and senior of the year award presentations.

“I’m always glad to see people getting involved with their government, especially when such important matters as caring for our elders is at stake,” Hoadley said. “It was an honor to meet with many seniors from the Kalamazoo area and to talk with them about how our state can better support its aging population. I look forward to working on legislation that will directly benefit our older neighbors.”

Hoadley has co-sponsored a resolution encouraging Congress to reauthorize the Older Americans Act and a resolution declaring June 2, 2015, to be Older Michiganian’s Day in Michigan. He remains committed to working for tax fairness for Michigan seniors, and supports efforts to ensure older residents get the health care, nutrition and support they need.

“No matter their age, people want to be vibrant, active and contributing members of their community. Seniors are often the first to volunteer to help their communities, and their contributions make Michigan a better place to live for everyone,” Hoadley said. “When our older friends, neighbors and relatives are able to live longer, healthier and more active lives, all of us benefit. I’m proud to support Michigan seniors.”