HB 4367 and SB 196 would require 527 organizations affiliated with MI candidates to file with the Secretary of State

LANSING, Mich., March. 4, 2021 — State Rep. Kara Hope (D-Holt) and State Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr. (D-East Lansing) introduced bills in their respective chambers of the Michigan legislature that would amend the Michigan Campaign Finance Act to help get so-called dark money out of politics. House Bill 4367 and Senate Bill 196 would require certain nonprofit groups affiliated with Michigan candidates to disclose who is funding the groups and how they spend their money.

“A healthy democracy thrives when it is transparent to citizens and free from the undue influence of special-interest groups,” said Hope. “Unfortunately, while the cost of campaigns and the influence of money continue to grow, the source of the money invested in campaigns becomes murkier. That is why I am proud to sponsor legislation that will shine a light on who is trying to influence elections.”

This legislation would require organizations affiliated with Michigan candidates and recognized by the IRS under 26 USC 527 to report all the organization’s donors, contributions, and expenditures. This is a reintroduction of House Bill 4921 of 2019. The legislation is intended to increase the accountability of donors and candidates affiliated with 527 organizations and — most importantly — to give voters more information.

“Voters deserve full transparency from candidates and their donors,” said Hertel. “This legislation will help to give voters confidence in making informed decisions and create greater accountability in our elections.”