LANSING – State Representative Marcia Hovey-Wright (Muskegon) today offered an amendment that would have restored $1.5 million in surplus state funds to Centers for Independent Living (CIL) to support homes that allow Michigan residents living with disabilities greater independence in their lives. Unfortunately, the amendment was shot down by House Republicans.

“Our Centers for Independent Living provide a boost for our residents by providing jobs and allowing greater freedoms for Michiganders living with disabilities,” said Hovey-Wright. “These CILs represent a sound investment for the state by teaching our residents with disabilities how to live self-sufficient lives that saves our state money.”

Due to a combination of extra revenue and spending lapses from government departments, the state is looking at a surplus of around $1 billion according to state budget officials. Rep. Hovey-Wright offered the amendment to give some of this money to CILs on the House Floor, but was not allowed to have a roll-call vote on her amendment. The money would have gone toward ramps, home services, and facilitating the effective use of public transportation for individuals under care at a CIL.

“Michigan is fortunate to have this surplus in a time when so many of our residents are struggling,” said Hovey-Wright. “To completely dismiss the notion of even taking the smallest fraction of these funds to support our residents with disabilities shows us that, once again, the Legislature’s priorities are not with our community service organizations.”