LANSING, Mich., April 5, 2022 — State Rep. Cynthia A. Johnson (D-Detroit) received another racist and vile death threat in a voicemail left on her office phone on Sunday.

“See you on the battlefield… we’ll get you,” the caller said in the 10-second recording. “Don’t worry.”

The caller also used racist language to describe the representative.

“This is not the first vile voicemail I received, and I am sure it won’t be the last,” Johnson said. “All these racists want to do is scare and silence me, just like racists have always done to people of my skin color, but I will not let them. I will continue to use my voice to stand up for my city and against such bigotry.” 

Today’s voicemail is just another in a long line of threats to Johnson. She received a bomb threat from a man in December 2020 and a threatening voicemail from an Ohio woman last June.