LANSING – State Representative Jon Hoadley (D-Kalamazoo) was appointed to serve on the powerful House Appropriations Committee today. He will also serve on the Appropriations Higher Education Subcommittee and serve as Democratic vice chair of the Judiciary and Agriculture subcommittees, as well as the House Elections Committee.

“The Appropriations Committee plays a key role in setting the state’s annual budget, which determines how taxpayer dollars are spent,” Hoadley said. “Serving on the committee gives me a great opportunity to make sure that we can create a Michigan that invests in people and taxpayer dollars are put to work to improve our communities. I’m eager to get to work on the Appropriations Committee.”

The state’s budget process begins today, when the Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference takes place. Working with the Appropriations Committee and on his subcommittees, Rep. Hoadley will help determine how state funds are spent, particularly in regards to agriculture, colleges and universities, and the state’s court system.

“It’s a great honor to be given this opportunity in my first term in office, and I will work diligently to make sure taxpayer funds are spent wisely,” Hoadley said. Hoadley was also named to the House Elections Committee, which determines rules and regulations for elections and campaigns in Michigan. “People expect that our elections are fair and every vote is counted,” Hoadley said. His appointment is particularly relevant in light of the recent recounts in Kalamazoo County. “As a member of the Elections Committee, I’ll work hard to ensure that people can rely on open and honest elections in the state of Michigan.”