LANSING — State Rep. Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) expressed his support for the “Good Jobs for Michigan Program,” a package of bills passed by the Michigan House of Representatives today. Senate Bills 242-244 establish a program that offers incentives to eligible businesses in exchange for creating new, good-paying jobs in the state, bringing new economic opportunities to Michigan.

An existing Michigan business or new company relocating to the state could receive financial incentives if they agree to create 500 or more certified new jobs with an average annual wage that is equal to or greater than the average wage. Businesses could also qualify for the program if they create 250 or more jobs with an average annual wage that is equal to 125 percent or more of the average wage. Employers could receive annual incentive payments for up to 10 years for each year that they maintain the number of certified new jobs they agree to create.

“The Good Jobs for Michigan Program will create thousands of good-paying jobs for the citizens of Michigan, many of whom suffer from long-term, chronic unemployment. It provides attractive, much-needed financial incentives to employers to invest in hiring and training workers,” said Jones, the deputy Democratic Caucus chair. “The tax incentives are performance-based, and qualified companies will only receive disbursements after they fulfill required job creation goals set by state agreements. This legislation will place Michigan on a competitive level with other states and will stimulate economic growth by ensuring robust job creation.”