LAKE CHARLES, LA. — State Rep. Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) will be co-moderating The Positive Change Initiative’s “Great Debate” this weekend in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The debate will give students the chance to showcase their ideas for creating lasting solutions to school dropout rates. The discussion panel will consist of ten student participants in the initiative’s program sparring in a parliamentary style debate over their proposed fixes.

“I’m deeply honored to moderate this debate over an issue that schools in Detroit, and throughout Michigan, have continued to struggle with,” said Rep. Jones. “I’ve always believed that providing young people with positive mentors and role models is essential to curbing school dropout rates, so I look forward to hearing the perspectives of the students themselves.”

The Positive Change Initiative was created earlier this year to focus on investing in the lives of at-risk youth and breaking the cycle of juvenile violence. Rep. Jones will be joined by CNN and Fox News analyst Ted Williams in moderating the debate.