LANSING — State Rep. Jewell Jones (D-Inkster), who is Michigan’s youngest legislator ever to be elected to office, will take part in the Big XII Conference on Black Student Government taking place this weekend in Waco, Texas. The theme of the conference is “Sankofa: Our Past, Our Present, Our Future,” and Rep. Jones will take part in a panel discussion about “Our Present” along with two others on a Young, Gifted and Black panel.

“It’s an honor to be asked to speak to this gathering of students and young professionals, and to inspire them to reach for their dreams,” Rep. Jones said. “I truly believe that every new day is an opportunity, and I hope my participation in the panel discussion will help motivate other young people to make the most of their time and their talent.”

The Big XII Conference on Black Student Government will address issues facing African-American student government organizations and provide participants with leadership opportunities. Workshop topics will include mental health, leadership development, career planning, diversity and inclusion, legal and civil rights and many more. Speakers at the event include business leaders, writers, community leaders, artists and more.

“The Big XII Conference on Black Student Government brings together some of the most promising youth in our country, and I look to them to inspire me, just as much as I hope to inspire them,” Rep. Jones said.