LANSING — State Rep. Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) urged his constituents and fellow community members to continue standing in solidarity with the city of Charlottesville, Va., after the white supremacist rally and counter-protest that left one person dead and several others injured.

“While it is important to condemn the hateful and violent actions that took place over the weekend — and I’m glad to see members of both parties doing just that — we must also remember that residents of Charlottesville are still dealing with the aftermath,” Jones said. “I urge you, my friends and neighbors, to keep the people of the city and their leaders in your thoughts and prayers.”

Jones specifically wished to highlight the words of Dr. Wes Bellamy, the African-American vice mayor of Charlottesville. In an interview on NPR, Bellamy told listeners that although he is proud of his community, the city has a history of racial division. He also asked people to send their positive energy and to “stand up with us and stand together.”

“We know that we have come a long way since the Civil Rights Movement, and although there is more work to do, we cannot let these acts of hatred — deplorable though they are — weaken our resolve,” Jones said. “I have faith that we will continue moving forward together toward a brighter, more inclusive and more peaceful future.”