State Representative John Kivela (D-Marquette) was pleased to see a total of $6.7 million go toward fixing roads in the 109th House District through the Michigan Department of Transportation Priority Roads Investment Program Project. Dollar amounts ranging from the thousands to the millions were spread out in two phases for road projects across the state. The 109th District received the fifth-largest investment out of the 110 districts statewide.

“I am happy to see these needed road repairs coming to the 109th District,” said Kivela. “Investing in our infrastructure will do good not only for the community members who use these roads on a daily basis, but for the entire state’s economy. With solid infrastructure comes more business and jobs.”

While this money is good news for several communities and counties around the state, there are still many regions that received no money. For that, Rep. Kivela insists that the Legislature must return to Lansing to figure out a comprehensive road funding plan.

“I remain hopeful that the Legislature can come together and finally solve the long-term transportation funding problem facing our state,” Kivela said. “We must all place a priority on repairing our infrastructure and moving our economy forward.”