WESTLAND — State Representative Robert Kosowski (D-Westland) attended a round table discussion with fellow lawmakers and prominent members of the Hispanic community last week in Detroit. The group of lawmakers belong to the newly formed Michigan Legislative Hispanic Caucus and discussed policies and other issues important to Michigan’s Hispanic residents.

“The Hispanic community in Metro Detroit, and also around the state, is a significant share of the population, and it’s important that we take their issues into consideration,” Kosowski said.

Gov. Rick Snyder also attended a portion of the meeting. He has created an Office for New Americans to help attract and retain talented people to create a workforce that will lure businesses to Michigan and create jobs.

“Michigan will only succeed as a state that is open and welcoming to everyone,” Kosowski said. “I look forward to working with the Hispanic Caucus and the rest of my fellow legislators as we make Michigan a better place to live, work, go to school and raise a family.”