LANSING – State Representative Marilyn Lane (D-Fraser) joined with County Executive and Macomb County leaders in outlawing the sale of K2 and like substances otherwise known as synthetic marijuana. In addition to the ban, the County Executive also introduced a program called “K2 Kops” promoting efforts for residents to inform authorities of stores who choose to ignore the order. Details can be found at:

“As the State House Committee on Judiciary begins testimony on Senate Bill 1082, I am proud to stand with our Macomb County officials to provide immediate action on banning these threats to our communities,” Lane stated. “In Lansing, I am strongly urging my colleagues to move quickly on legislation to remove these harmful drugs from our retailers and making this a top priority for the Michigan Legislature.”

The Macomb County Executive Order is effective immediately and prohibits the sale of these substances with the threat of up to six months in jail and $200 in fines for establishments who violate the order. The legislation currently in Lansing makes violating this ban with up to 93 days imprisonment and/or a maximum fine of $5,000.