Hello Friends,


Between the State of the State address last week and the warm weather this week, Lansing has been active and energized. This energy has been translated into new bills, productive committee meetings and many exciting district events.


At the top of my agenda in the last two weeks was kicking off all of my committee assignments. Presentations from our regulated utilities in the Energy Committee Meetings have been both informative and constructive. I will continue to prioritize safe, sustainable and reliable energy as the returning Democratic vice chair of that committee.


I welcome your thoughts and comments on my committees or any other issues that arise. My office is reachable by phone at (517)373-0828, by email at DonnaLasinski@house.mi.gov or by coming to one of our district events. Upcoming coffee hours, celebrations and town halls are listed below and I would love to see you there!



Donna Lasinski





Legislative Updates


State of the State


Last week, I was honored to attend the State of the State address as your representative from the 52nd House District. I was glad to see Gov. Whitmer address issues that impact Michigan families on a daily basis like transportation, clean water, and education. There is no shortage of work when it comes to building opportunity for all in Michigan’s future.


I look forward to working with the governor’s administration and across the aisle as we work to address our critical education and infrastructure crises. As Democratic vice chair on the Select Committee on Reducing Car Insurance Rates, I am committed to finding solutions that offer rate reductions while still protecting Michiganders. Furthermore, I am continuing the fight for clean water in our homes by working to develop policies that  hold polluters responsible. Stay tuned for more information from these committees and watch bills roll out on the Legislature Committee Website.




Fighting For Families


I drafted a set of two bills with state Rep. Sarah Anthony that would make paying for child care easier for working families in Michigan. My bill would provide a tax credit to businesses that provide child care opportunities to their employees while Rep. Anthony’s bill would provide a tax credit directly to families themselves. We know childcare costs can hold working families back from fully participating in our economy. With this tax credit, we hope to find common ground where companies and families can come together to move Michigan forward.




Insurance Committee’s First Meeting


Discussions in the Insurance Committee started strong as we began with a deep dive into the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS). This state department is responsible for regulating the insurance market, assisting consumers with insurance related questions, and keeping insurance buyers safe from fraudulent companies.


For me, protecting Michigan buyers from fraud is an essential part of keeping our insurance industry well regulated. During the questioning portion of the committee meeting, DIFS shared that they are expanding fraud-preventing initiatives. I hope to bolster these goals as a member of the Insurance Committee.


If you have questions about DIFS or Insurance purchases, you can call their toll-free number to speak with an agent at (877) 999-6442.




Chelsea’s Newest Farm Stop

The City of Chelsea has long been known for its strong downtown community. I am excited to announce that L3C Agricole, a local low-profit business, has been awarded a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to build a year-round, indoor farmers market called Agricole Farm Stop. The grant will match the crowdfunding initiative for the Agricole Farm Stop that is already underway in Chelsea. This will be an addition to an already vibrant community that renovates the historic Mack Building, benefits local farmers, and expands public space – all in one project!



Upcoming Time With Donna

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Clean Water Town Hall Meeting

Thursday, March 7 from 6-7:30 p.m.

Scio Township Hall

827 N. Zeeb Road in Ann Arbor


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Coffee Hour in Northfield Township

Saturday, April 13 from 10-11:00 a.m.

Northfield Township Senior Center

9101 Main St.in Whitmore Lake


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District Spotlight

The City of Saline Chamber of Commerce held a Re-Launch Event to highlight the growth occurring in the Greater Saline Area. I have long supported small businesses in District 52 and was thrilled to hear more from community members on legislative initiatives.



What to Do in 52

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Celebrate 100 Years of Michigan Parks

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Michigan parks opening. Even in the chilly weather, you can get in on the fun by taking a winter hike around nearby State Parks like Waterloo and Pinckney trails. Be sure to take a picture and share it with the DNR Memory Map page!


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Learn Computer Basics


Need to review how to create a word document? Want to manage your email like a pro? Then come down to the Manchester Library for their lesson on Computer Basics.

When: Tuesday Feb. 26 from 1-2 p.m.

Where: Manchester Library

912 City Road in Manchester


▪  ▪  ▪

Keep Your Boat Safe in the Winter

To learn to properly care for your boat in winder, look no further than the Michigan Sailing Club’s presentation at Dexter’s Library entitled, “When the Sheet Hits the Fan: Common Rigging Mishaps on the Water and How to Fix Them.”


When: Wednesday Feb. 28 from 7-8 p.m.

Where: Dexter Library

3255 Alpine in Dexter





High Speed Internet for Lyndon Township


As a strong advocate for broadband access, I am excited to see that High Speed Fiber Internet Plans are coming to Lyndon Township. You’ve worked hard to pass the mileage for internet access and now, if you choose, it is time to pursue these plans for internet access.


Deadline to apply:    April 30 2019

Contact number:      (800) 492-5989


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Make way for Emergency Vehicles

Under a new Michigan law, drivers are required to change lanes and slow down by 10mph under the speed limit or more if they encounter an emergency vehicle or service vehicle. Failing to do so may cost drivers up to $400 in fines. This is part of a new law that was passed last year and goes into effect this month. It was the hope of lawmakers that this new policy would protect police, sheriffs and service workers from collisions while patrolling.


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On the Hunt for a Good Job?


The Talent Investment Agency (TIA) is responsible for programs related to: job preparedness, career based education, skilled trades training, incumbent worker training, employment assistance, STEM programs, and more!  TIA has two sub-agencies that deal specifically with Unemployment Insurance and Workforce Development. If you would like to participate in these programs or need help with unemployment insurance, TIA can be reached at (517) 373-1186 or through their website www.michigan.gov/tia.



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I hope this information has been helpful and that we will see you at future events.


State Representative Donna Lasinski