REDFORD TOWNSHIP — State Representative Leslie Love (D-Detroit) took a ceremonial oath of office on Sunday after being elected to her second term to the Michigan House of Representatives to represent the people of the 10th House District.

Judge Denise Page Hood, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, administered the oath at a special ceremony organized for newly elected officials in Redford Township, from state representative to parks commissioners. Terms for township board members begin Nov. 20, and the term for state representatives begins Jan. 1.

“I was proud to have someone as distinguished and accomplished as Chief Judge Denise Page Hood administer my oath of office,” Love said. “It has been an honor serving the people of the 10th District in my first term, and I am humbled that the people chose to give me another term to be their voice in Lansing.”

Love also administered the oath of office to new Township Trustee Linda Jackson. All four trustees were elected to their first terms, and Jackson was the top vote getter. Love said she helped with the new board members’ campaigns, and she had the opportunity to get to know them personally.

“I was really honored to be asked to administer the oath of office,” Love said. “Getting to know the board members really helps, and I see a closer and stronger relationship with local officials going forward.”