LANSING – State Representative Leslie Love (D-Detroit) voted against a bill in the House Commerce and Trade Committee on Tuesday that would block all local ordinances that require businesses pay certain wages, offer employee benefits, set certain requirements on employee time off or training, or any other community benefit agreement that may regulate the relationship between an employer, an employee or a potential employee. Despite her objections, House Bill 4052 now advances to the House floor, where Rep. Love will continue to oppose its passage.

“This bill threatens to undo the hard work local city councils and county commissioners have done to ensure that workers in their area receive a fair wage and decent benefits – such as earned, paid sick leave – for the work they do,” Rep. Love said. “Not only does this bill attack the ability of local government to set standards for their communities, but it attacks the ability of families to achieve financial security, which is why I will fight it every step of the way.”

Before being voted on in committee, a substitute to the bill was introduced that would protect local nondiscrimination ordinances, such as the laws in 38 Michigan communities that protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Love offered amendments to the bill that would have exempted community colleges from the bill and let stand local “ban the box” initiatives that help former offenders who are trying to find employment, but those amendments were turned down. Love voted against the substitution and against reporting the bill to the House floor, where it could be voted on by the entire House as early as this week.

“I can’t compromise when it comes to allowing local government to determine, decide and incorporate its own rules, regulations and standards, and I am proud to co-sponsor efforts to ‘ban the box’ and establish earned, paid sick leave for Michigan workers,” Love said. “The state should not interfere with the relationships between local governments and the businesses in their communities. Instead of working on laws that would reduce wages and benefits, we should be doing all we can to make life better for hardworking Michigan families.”