State Representative Sheldon Neeley (D-Flint) reacted to Gov. Rick Snyder’s action plan on Flint released Monday, by saying there needs to be more of a focus on seniors and those with illnesses in the city. The plan does not adequately address these areas.

“No one can be left behind in the Flint water crisis, but the governor doesn’t seem to understand that in his recent action plan,” Neeley said. “Our senior citizens and those already battling illnesses — two of our most vulnerable populations inside the city — have been left out. This cannot happen, as every single resident of Flint must be included, especially those that desperately need our help.”

Rep. Neeley recommends an emphasis on more testing, state support on guiding individuals to health care access, and more forums to educate the residents of Flint. All of these areas should include seniors and those with illnesses, as there is no reason to leave them out.

“Gov. Snyder sat in front of a congressional hearing and said repeatedly he was doing everything possible to help the people of Flint, but he must have left out the part where he left many of them out of the equation,” Neeley said. “He’s handpicking the groups he wants to help and rolling out incomplete action plans with a smile. You cannot play with people’s lives like this, and I call on the governor to rework his plan immediately to include all citizens.”