Arbit calls for federal support to reform state hate crime laws, combat rising political violence and anti-pluralist sentiment, strengthen Black-Jewish relations, eliminate restrictive covenants

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. — Yesterday, State Representative Noah Arbit (D-West Bloomfield) participated in a forum convened by the White House and the National Association of Jewish Legislators (NAJL) to discuss strategies to increase state-federal collaboration on combating antisemitism.

Representative Arbit raised the persistent knowledge deficit about antisemitism and his recent introduction of HB 4327 to strengthen Michigan’s ability to combat anti-Jewish discrimination, and highlighted the importance of the Biden Administration convening experts to better understand the nexus between rising antisemitism and political violence. He also discussed his work on legislation to strengthen and supplement Michigan’s existing hate crime laws, and emphasized the importance of increasing Black-Jewish dialogue.

Additionally, Representative Arbit expressed his growing alarm at an increasingly widespread anti-pluralist, Christian Nationalist strain within the Republican Party, and urged the Biden Administration to encourage states to repeal antiquated or invalidated laws from their statute books, including language privileging certain religions over others, as well as restrictive covenants barring Black and Jewish people from owning property.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to join fellow Jewish legislators from across the country to compare notes and strategize on our shared fight against antisemitism, with the support of key officials in the White House,” Arbit stated. “Combating antisemitism and hate of all kinds remains central to my mission as State Representative.”