LANSING — State Representative Phil Phelps (D-Flushing) celebrated the passage of a bill package that will ensure ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft adhere to the same state regulations that taxis and limousines are currently held to. House Bills 4637 and 4639-4641 were voted out of the Senate last Thursday and proceeded to pass out of the House today. Phelps sponsored HB 4641 in the bill package.

“I am pleased that my colleagues agreed, in a bicameral, bipartisan fashion, that it is time to create a set standard for ride-sharing companies to adhere to,” said Phelps. “These standards will not only guarantee quality business standards, but will also ensure the safety of users. What’s more, these bills help to keep our laws updated with our increasingly technological society.”

This bill package will only allow drivers who are at least 19 years old and will require vehicle inspections and background checks for all ride services. The bills also require airports to allow these companies to offer pick up and drop off fares at the airport, including the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, as long as the companies abide by ordinances in place at the airports.

“We’re pleased that the Michigan House of Representatives approved this legislation that’s critical to preserving the ability for Michiganders to utilize ridesharing in and around Flint and across the state,” said Sagar Shah, a general manager with Uber in Michigan. “We want to thank Representative Phelps for his support and leadership on this important issue that will improve the future of transportation in Michigan.”

“These ride-sharing companies are not only extremely convenient for users, but also offer a means for earning additional income for the drivers,” said Phelps. “Furthermore, by offering a more convenient alternative to driving home after a night of drinking, these services provide an enormous benefit to their communities. I am proud that today we were able to create a set of standards that will allow these companies to continue servicing Michiganders with the highest safety and quality possible.”