LANSING — State Representative Julie Plawecki (D-Dearborn Heights) introduced two bills today that would revise the per-pupil funding formula for school districts. The bills, House Bills 4272 and 4273, are mutually exclusive and would amend the State School Aid Act.

“The goal of this legislation is to provide districts an enhanced window to prepare their budgets,” Plawecki said. “This would increase the stability and planning ability of districts, some of which are experiencing fluctuating pupil counts or financial distress. I believe that there is a better way for districts to plan, rather than anxiously awaiting the current year count prior to being able to finalize their budgets.”

HB 4272 would grant school districts the ability to determine membership using the current school year count or the immediately preceding school year count, whichever is greater. HB 4273 is nearly identical to HB 4272, but is limited in scope. HB 4273 would only apply to deficit districts, rather than all districts.

“The bills, which are mutually exclusive, present two options that would benefit our state’s school districts,” Plawecki said. “By introducing both proposals, the House Education Committee, as well as the Legislature as a whole, may determine which proposal they believe to be best for our state.”