LANSING — State Representative Sarah Roberts (D-St. Clair Shores) has announced that she is sponsoring three bills in a six-bill package of legislation to address threats to Michigan’s land, air and water as a result of fracking. Together, these bills address gaps in Michigan laws regarding the disposal of fracking waste and the leakage of methane at drilling sites.

“Other states are seeing fracking operations that dump waste, pollute the air and water, and are possibly causing earthquakes,” said Rep. Roberts. “In Michigan, we need to update our oil and gas laws to ensure we protect our environment and the public’s health.”

Rep. Roberts’ bills in the package would:

  • Require that water used in the fracking process be in compliance with state guidelines and be cleaned up before disposal
  • Ban fracking operations from injecting fracking wastes or water into an aquifer
  • Prohibit oil and gas wells from burning off (flaring) methane emissions

The other bills in the package would:

  • Require oil and gas well operators to set up a system to check for leaks of dangerous gases on a regular basis and promptly repair any leaks found
  • Ban radioactive fracking waste from landfills if the radioactivity exceeds strict limits
  • Require oil and gas well operators to use methane recapture systems to reduce methane released by 99 percent

For more information about fracking, the bills in the package or to sign a petition supporting the legislation, go to