LANSING — State Representative Andy Schor (D-Lansing) introduced House Bill 5390 today to allow firefighters to carry an opioid antagonist, such as Naloxone, to be used when encountering victims suffering from a prescription drug or heroin overdose and to ensure that first responders have Naloxone when they receive calls.

“During my time on Gov. Snyder’s Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force last year, one of the critical discussions was ensuring we can use lifesaving antagonists like Naloxone to help those who overdose. Police were granted this access recently, and we need to ensure that our firefighters and all first responders can utilize this tool and have it at their disposal when they encounter any number of situations in any given day,” Schor said. “With this bill, we can make sure firefighters are given access to opioid antagonists so they can react quickly in their unflinching duty of saving lives.”

Law enforcement officers are already allowed to carry opioid antagonists. Rep. Schor’s legislation would protect firefighters from civil liability in administering the opioid antagonist, as law enforcement officers already are. It would also require that local governments provide Naloxone to their first responders who are trained to use them.

“As part of the governor’s task force, I understand the need to combat drug abuse both in a preventive and reactionary way,” Schor said. “Saving life is paramount, and I support the continued efforts of the task force and its findings to enact legislation to tackle this problem in our state.”