State Representative Andy Schor (D-Lansing) introduced House Bill 5517 yesterday, which requires that all child care centers, group child care homes and family child care homes that provide care for children under 1 year of age must implement and maintain a written safe sleep policy. This legislation also requires that all licensees, registrants and employees of those facilities review the policy and sign an agreement that states that they acknowledge and understand that safe sleep policies are to be used as described.

Rep. Schor previously introduced this legislation last term, but it never made it out of the House Regulatory Reform Committee.

“Any child deaths due to unsafe sleep practices at child care facilities are unacceptable. This is common-sense legislation that ensures child care facilities and day cares are taking this matter seriously,” Schor said. “To have a policy on hand, and for everyone to agree to such a policy, is easily accomplished.”

In the past, Michigan First Lady Sue Snyder and former Department of Health Services Director Maura Corrigan both talked about how safe sleep practices are key to saving the lives of infants, noting that these suffocation deaths are preventable.

“This proactive and bipartisan bill will help ensure that infant suffocation deaths are prevented here in Michigan,” Schor said. “We should strive to do all we can to save infant lives.”