LANSING — State Rep. Andy Schor’s (D-Lansing) House Bill 4207, which would direct existing revitalization dollars toward bringing grocery stores to downtowns and commercial corridors, won committee approval this week and will next be considered by the full House of Representatives.

“Grocery stores are key to a vibrant community because people want to be close to a store to buy bread, milk and whatever they need for dinner later on that day,” said Schor. “Easy access to grocery stores will help residents while making our downtowns and neighborhoods more attractive to new people and businesses. I give my thanks to the House Commerce and Trade Committee for their support, and hope this bill will move quickly on the House floor.”

Schor explained that many downtowns and commercial corridors in our neighborhoods are attracting people of all ages, but a lack of easily accessible grocery stores is still a stumbling block for communities. House Bill 4207 would help by making it easier for store owners to open in these locations, or existing stores to upgrade their facilities, so that people would have quicker, easier access to healthy food.

House Bill 4207 directs at least 5 percent of already appropriated community revitalization dollars within the Michigan Strategic Fund toward facilitating development of grocery stores within Michigan’s urban areas. Should grocery store projects not become available, the dollars would revert to other community revitalization programs.

“Increasing access to healthy food and groceries is a win-win-win for our families, neighborhoods and communities,” Rep. Schor said. “I’m eager to work with my colleagues in both chambers, and on both sides of the aisle, to continue to move this bill and make our communities better for the families, young adults and senior citizens who choose to live there.”