LANSING — Legislation sponsored by House Democratic Floor Leader Sam Singh (D-East Lansing) is headed to the governor to be signed into law after receiving broad bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. House Bill 4314 will grant law enforcement authority to enforce traffic laws on private property open the general public, such as a store parking lot, in instances when the violation results in serious harm or death.

“This need for this legislation was brought to my attention after an unfortunate incident at the Okemos Meijer in which a driver struck three people, severely injuring one,” said Rep. Singh. “I thought this legislation made sense from a public safety and justice stand point. We all patronize private businesses every day and the public’s safety shouldn’t end when you pull in to a parking lot.”

In the Meijer parking lot case, Meridian Township was unable to bring criminal charges against the driver for the moving violation because the incident occurred on private property. This legislation would update the Michigan Vehicle Code so that the statute on moving violations causing death or serious impairment is in line with other statutes. Violations such as operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and reckless and careless driving are already enforceable within a place open to the general public.”