LANSING – State Representative Sam Singh (D-East Lansing) held the second annual art competition for students attending high schools in the 69th District. The official winners from the participating high schools are: junior Elena Carter and senior Alex Wheaton from Haslett High School; and junior Erin Wakeland and sophomore Kendra Peffers from Okemos High School. Their artwork will be on display for all staff and visitors to see in Rep. Singh’s office for the next year. Each piece was created to depict what each student believed best represented Pure Michigan.

“It is truly inspiring to see the artistic ability our community’s students have. Visitors to our office over the last year have admired and often commented on the remarkable talent these students show,” Singh said. “With this type of feedback from visitors in our office, we were very excited to hold another competition this year.”

The sharp decline in funding for public schools in Michigan the past few years has resulted in many art and music programs being defunded or cut completely. Thankfully there is strong support from parents and local communities to keep many of these programs afloat.

“Passion leading to real talent is important for the development of our students and should be fought for. Fine arts programs in our public schools is an excellent method to boost student confidence, which can lead to better performance,” added Singh.