LANSING – House Democratic Floor Leader Sam Singh (D-East Lansing) introduced legislation today that would prevent landlords and Realtors from discriminating against individuals on the basis of their status as a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

“Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault shouldn’t be treated with stigma as they seek a new place to live.” Singh said. “The focus should be on finding safe housing for these survivors to help them transition into a better living environment. No one should be denied a roof of their head because of the abuse inflicted on them by another individual.”

Singh’s bill is part of a bipartisan package of legislation aimed at supporting survivors of rape, domestic abuse and stalking that was announced at a press event this morning. Other bills in the package include measures that would:

  • Ensure confidentiality for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Urge colleges and universities to update their policies and training to deal with sexual assault on campus.
  • Ensure individuals aren’t disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits as a consequence of being a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.
  • Require employers that offer sick leave to allow employees to use that leave to receive assistance, such as moving to a domestic violence shelter, getting a medical exam at a hospital following rape or meeting with police or prosecutors.

“These issues encompass the full Legislature, on both sides of the aisle, because the safety of Michiganders should be the top priority as soon as we enter elected office,” Singh said. “I am proud that lawmakers of different backgrounds and personal views can understand the importance of these bills.”