LANSING – State Representative Sam Singh (D-East Lansing) recently held an art competition for students who attend Okemos High School and Haslett High School. Today the winners have officially been announced: senior Nick Green and freshman Nicole Verboncoeur from Okemos High School; and senior Kaitlyn Bulkley and junior Allysa Kach from Haslett High School. Their artwork will be displayed in Rep. Singh’s office for all staff members and visitors to see for the next year. Each piece of art exhibits something the students love about their community.

“It’s exciting to see young people exceling at something they are passionate about,” Singh said. “Both the Haslett and Okemos art programs should be proud of the remarkable talent displayed by their students.”

In the last few years, art programs in Michigan public schools have seen a drastic decline in funding. As a result, local music directors and art teachers have had their hours scaled back, and many arts programs throughout Michigan have been cut completely. Strong parent and community support has played a large factor in keeping programs afloat.

Competitions like the one held by Rep. Singh’s office showcase the importance of supporting arts in our schools and students.

Said Singh, “It is important we continue to encourage and nurture the passions of our young people, and the talent of these students is a perfect example of why we must continue to fight to support the arts and fine arts programs in our public schools.”