LANSING –State Representative Alberta Tinsley Talabi (D-Detroit) is urging people affected by Driver Responsibility fees to participate in a program that allows them to perform community service rather than pay a fee. The Driver Responsibility Fee Community Service Program ends Dec. 31, 2015, meaning that applications for the program must be postmarked by that date. The actual community service must be completed within 45 days of approval of the application.

“The community service program is a great way to take care of certain, specific driver responsibility fees while also helping our community,” Rep. Talabi said. “Being able to perform community service rather than pay a fee has helped many people who were unable to pay for these fees. I urge anyone who has an outstanding fee to apply to take part in this program immediately, before it is too late. While this particular program is not a panacea, it is a small step in the right direction.”

Rep. Tinsley Talabi has introduced legislation that would extend the sunset of the Driver Responsibility Community Service Program, but so far, the proposal hasn’t seen any legislative action. She remains hopeful her bill will be taken up and the program will be continued before the end of the year, but it’s impossible to know whether this will happen. For that reason, anyone who wants to take part in the program must act now.

“I cannot stress enough that people must take action now, or be faced with paying high driver responsibility fees out-of-pocket,” Rep. Tinsley Talabi said. “I urge people to fill out applications now, and to share this information with friends and family members who may find it useful.

If approved for the program, a participant must perform 10 hours of community service for each qualifying assessment, and the work must be completed within 45 days of approval. For example, approved to do community service for three assessments, a person would have to complete 30 hours of community service within 45 days of approval. Once completed, verification must be sent to the Department of Treasury.

To apply for the program interested individuals must complete the “Community Service Application to Request Driver Responsibility Fee (DRF) Waiver (Form 5206).” This form is available at local Secretary of State offices or can be downloaded at