LANSING – On Tuesday, June 23, State Representative Alberta Talabi (D-Detroit) hosted an event for Detroit’s “Do the Write Thing” program. The program honors students from sixth through eighth grades who took the challenge of using writing to fight youth violence. Winners from each participating school were presented with a trophy and gifts for their engagement and participation in the project. The program also selects two winners, one boy and one girl, who will have the opportunity to represent Detroit on the National Convention, which will take place in Washington, D.C.

“Headlines about violence in our community have become far too frequent, which is why programs such as ‘Do the Write Thing’ are so important,” Rep. Talabi said. “When we encourage our young people to use their minds, creativity and compassion to find alternatives to violence, we empower them to rise above crime, poverty and other challenges facing our community. I congratulate not only these winners, but all of the students who took part in this effort.”

The Do the Write Thing initiative is sponsored by the National Campaign to Stop Violence and it is conducted in the Detroit Community by Denise Barnes and Dr. Zemen Marrugi, who is also a former recipient of the award. At the award presentation, Rep. Talabi spoke to the students, parents and teachers to emphasize the importance of education and schooling on fighting violence, and urged the young men and women to work hard and follow their dreams and convictions. The group was then given a tour of the Michigan Capitol.

“These children represent the very best of our community, and I am hopeful that they remember this program as they move forward in their lives and encounter obstacles,” Rep. Talabi said. “It was an honor to get to know them, and I hope to hear great things about them in the future.”