MADISON HEIGHTS – State Representative Jim Townsend (Royal Oak) and Michigan citizens groups including Know Your Care Michigan held a town hall meeting on Monday, Jan. 23 to educate Michigan residents about benefits available to them under the new federal health care law.

“Local residents need to know about how the federal Affordable Care Act will affect them now and in the coming years. This town hall meeting was designed to help seniors, young adults, small business owners and others understand the changes and how they can get the high-quality, affordable care that all Michiganders deserve,” Townsend said.

The town hall was attended by area residents who asked specific questions regarding insurance coverage, Medicare and Medicaid as well as the benefits available to them under the new law.

Panelist Marjorie Mitchell, the executive director of Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network, spoke directly to the seniors in the group. “Michigan seniors across the state are saving hundreds of dollars on the life-saving medications they need thanks to the Affordable Care Act,” she said. “It’s important that people know about the benefits that the Affordable Care Act is providing for them right now, including these prescription discounts and preventative care for those on Medicare at no additional cost.”