LANSING — Rep. Rebekah Warren is among six legislators honored on Feb. 1 by the Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment Board with the 2018 Champion of Justice Award. The award was created to recognize legislators who championed laws that protect and support sexual assault and domestic violence survivors in Michigan.

“Reducing the incidence of sexual assault and providing all the appropriate support for those who have survived these crimes have always been among my foremost priorities,” said Rep. Warren. “I am truly proud to have been recognized alongside so many tremendous advocates, and I look forward to continuing to make progress on these critical issues throughout my final term in the Michigan Legislature.”

During her first term in the House, Rep. Warren co-sponsored the successful legislation that created the groundbreaking Sexual Assault Victim’s Medical Forensic Intervention and Treatment Fund.  She has consistently introduced and co-sponsored legislation to make sure that victims have access to the support that they need to move forward as survivors, including Public Act 15 of 2017, which ensures that those who are victimized as minors can receive services and compensation from the Crime Victims Compensation Fund.  Additionally, she served as a legislative co-chair for each of former First Lady Sue Snyder’s “Lets End Campus Sexual Assault” summits.

“We are fortunate to have leaders in the Legislature who champion laws that protect and support survivors in Michigan,” said Debi Cain, executive director of the Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment Board. “Each of these women have played a critical role in statewide efforts to enhance services and implement measures that empower survivors and promote comprehensive culture change in our state. We thank them for their strong leadership and look forward to ongoing partnership as we continue advocating for the best interests of victims and survivors in Michigan.”

Other award recipients included:

  • Former Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker of Lawton, who provided leadership to both the Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Commission and former Michigan first lady Sue Snyder’s Campus Sexual Assault Summit Planning Committee and whose career-long commitment to crime victims has made a lasting impact for sexual assault and domestic violence victims.
  • Former Rep. Laura Cox of Livonia, also a member of the Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Commission and Campus Sexual Assault Planning Committing, whose efforts as a sponsor of the historic House Bill 5658 will change the landscape in Michigan for sexual assault survivors and help bring countless perpetrators to justice.
  • Sen. Stephanie Chang of Detroit, who promoted efforts to have material on sexual assault and sexual harassment be provided in schools, and as a state representative, committed herself to the Sexual Assault Tracking Commission.
  • Rep. Kristy Pagan of Canton, who provided leadership to the former first lady’s Campus Sexual Assault Summit Planning Committee. Pagan’s efforts have aided the state’s goal to end campus assault.
  • Rep. Diana Farrington of Utica, who sponsored House Bill 4505, which was signed into law and is intended to greatly improve the quality of care provided during medical forensic examinations and ensure increased privacy for sexual assault victims.

The Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment Board is a seven-member governor-appointed board charged with funding sexual assault and domestic violence services for victims, providing policy recommendations on the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault and providing technical assistance and training to law enforcement, criminal justice professionals and others.