LANSING, Mich., April 13, 2023 — State Rep. Dylan Wegela (D-Garden City) introduced HB 4424 today to eliminate the remaining Inkster School Debt.


“It is an injustice that Inkster residents are still forced to pay for a school system that doesn’t physically exist any longer – this bill will put an end to that chapter so residents can move on,” Wegela said.


Inkster Public Schools was dissolved in July 2013 after Michigan lawmakers hastily enacted new rules allowing for the dissolution of districts. Students who attended Inkster Public Schools have since been divided among neighboring districts and nearly all of the buildings have since been demolished.


“I think that by now everyone in Lansing and beyond knows eliminating Inkster School debt is my number one priority, I bring it up in nearly every room I come into. This is the beginning of a larger series of initiatives – town halls, legislation, and more – to explain what happened to the Inkster community as a result of the State’s extreme heavy-handedness during Inkster Public Schools’ time with an emergency manager. Citizens of Inkster deserve justice for the dissolution of their schools and I am committed to finding a path forward and ensuring this doesn’t happen again in other communities.”