LANSING, Mich., Oct. 15, 2021 — State Rep. Karen Whitsett (D-Detroit) continues to benefit Detroit through the state budget process, fighting for a variety of investments to reduce poverty and strengthen the city for years to come.

The Michigan Legislature will soon begin working on supplemental budget measures that include the use of available federal funds. Whitsett’s priorities include preparing sites for economic development and job creation, along with allocating more resources for home repair programs, broadband internet access and mental health care.

“I’m fighting to make sure this city and its people get the respect they deserve and the resources they need,” said Whitsett (D-Detroit). “The budget the Legislature just approved for the new fiscal year was a good start, and now we have an opportunity to build on that success. I am focused on bringing resources home to help Detroit thrive. Attracting new jobs is the key to helping people escape poverty and the whole city prosper. Detroit has sites available for redevelopment, and we’ve got to get them ready so we can bring jobs back to the city.”

Assisting Detroiters with home repairs is another key element in reviving the city. Whitsett is fighting for a program to provide interest-free loans to homeowners so they can repair their roofs and make other improvements to their homes.

Whitsett already voted for $150 million in statewide funding toward broadband expansion in May. She also supported investing $220 million to upgrade mental health facilities in Michigan, including grants for behavioral health programs and facilities benefitting children and teens.

Whitsett said she will work to finalize both investments in the coming weeks. The support will build upon the already approved budget for the new fiscal year, in which Whitsett secured resources to help repair the Detroit Public Library and Barton McFarland Elementary School, among other projects.