LANSING – State Representative Henry Yanez (D-Sterling Heights) held the first of two town halls on roads last night in Sterling Heights, to hear directly from residents what they believe the state should do to fix and maintain the roads. Yanez met with residents at Henry Ford High School. Yanez will hold a second town hall on Thursday, June 4, from 6-8 p.m. at the Warren Consolidated Schools Performing Arts Center, 12901 15 Mile Road in Sterling Heights.

          “Michigan residents let Lansing know that they did not approve of the way Proposal 1 would go about dealing with the roads, so I thought it best to hear from them what they didn’t like about that proposal and their ideas for taking care of our roads,” said Yanez. “The overwhelming response that I heard last night was that people don’t mind paying a little extra at the pump, or even a higher sales tax, if they know that all of that money will go to the roads.”

          People attending the town hall confirmed to Yanez that Proposal 1 was too complex and they were unhappy that the money it would have raised would have also funded other programs. They also told Yanez that they expect the Legislature to stay on the job through the summer in order to come up with a better roads plan.

           “Michiganders sent us to Lansing to do a job, yet the Republicans have cancelled session twice in May to go to the Tulip Festival and then to go to Mackinac policy conference. What I heard last night from the people of House District 25 is that they expect us to go to work in Lansing and find a solution to fixing and maintaining our roads,” said Yanez. “I am ready and willing to stay at work in Lansing throughout the summer to get this job done.”