LANSING, Mich., June 23, 2021 — State Representatives Bill Sowerby (D-Clinton Township) and Abraham Aiyash (D – Hamtramck) have introduced legislation which would make additions to the Wolf Management Advisory Council and the Michigan Wildlife Council to include the voices of groups and viewpoints not currently represented.

House Bill 5079 introduced by Representative Sowerby would amend the Wolf Management Advisory Council to add two seats, one for individuals representing organizations that promote primarily non-consumptive methods of conservation and another for a scientist with an expertise in wildlife management or zoology. In addition, Representative Sowerby’s proposal would clarify that the tribal government represented on this council must be from Michigan.

“It is vitally important that this advisory council, which guides the decisions made by the Natural Resources Commission, reflect the diverse viewpoints held by Michiganders,” said Representative Sowerby. “All decisions should have a solid grounding in science, and with input from Michigan tribes and conservation organizations of all types.”

Representative Aiyash’s House Bill 5078 would amend the Michigan Wildlife Council, tasked with advocating and advertising the natural wildlife opportunities in Michigan, to include tribal government representatives, non-consumptive conservation organizations, and scientists with an expertise in the field. Neither of these bills remove any seats from the Councils, and simply add seats to reflect diversity viewpoints held by Michiganders.

“Other states such as Colorado already include seats for groups like these on their Wildlife boards,” said Representative Aiyash. “Michigan tribal communities deserve a seat at the table. It is a disservice to Michiganders to exclude viewpoints when decisions are being made on how to best promote and conserve our state’s beautiful natural resources.”