LANSING — Despite Gov. Rick Snyder’s assurances to the contrary in tonight’s State of the State address, middle-class families have struggled under five years of leadership from Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican-led Legislature, Reps. Vanessa Guerra (D-Saginaw) and Charles Brunner (D-Bay City) said Tuesday night. Rather than doubling down on Gov. Snyder’s failed agenda, the legislators said it’s time to create a Michigan that works for school kids, college students, families, seniors and small-business owners who are being left behind by the Republican agenda.

“I came to the Legislature last year with firsthand knowledge of what young people are going through in Michigan’s economy, and frankly, it’s not looking great for the next generation of career-minded people in our state,” Guerra said. “The intelligence and tenacity rising through the ranks of our schools is unparalleled, but to keep them in Michigan, we are going to need to truly invest in good-paying jobs created by expanding industries. We cannot afford to support policies that promote cheap labor because our workforce deserves better. A qualified and well-paid workforce will ensure that we can build the infrastructure our aging state needs, as well as create the interconnected communities young and working people are looking for.”

The legislators said Michiganders are struggling because of the decisions and priorities of Gov. Snyder and the Republican Legislature.

Rather than continuing a legislative agenda that prioritizes big corporations over working families and small businesses, House Democrats prioritize legislation that would make college more affordable, improve education for all Michigan children and reduce taxes on families and seniors.

“For the past five years during my service in the House, I’ve supported numerous plans offered by House Democrats to provide equal opportunities for everyone to succeed. Unfortunately, this Republican-controlled Legislature and Gov. Snyder have focused on giving tax breaks to their corporate friends and cutting corners with the health and safety of Michigan residents,” Brunner said. “Gov. Snyder supported the anti-democratic Emergency Financial Manager legislation to replace elected local governments with unelected and unaccountable functionaries if the elected officials were deemed incompetent. I think the governor should apply his own standard to himself and resign. If it was good for the goose, it’s good for the Michigander.”