LANSING — State Reps. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) and Brian K. Elder (D-Bay City) have introduced legislation to improve Michigan’s fireworks law. House Bills 4924 and 4925 would amend the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act (Public Act 256 of 2011).

Hammoud sponsored HB 4924, which requires retailers to disclose the following information through a sign posted in a conspicuous place at the retail location:

  • Any limitations on the hours and days for the ignition, discharge or use of consumer fireworks.
  • Any local ordinances regarding fireworks.
  • The limitations on the use of fireworks on the property of another person or organization.
  • The prohibition on the sale or use (without adult supervision) of consumer fireworks to minors.
  • The limitations on the use of fireworks while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
  • A person’s liability for the death or injury of an individual, or for property damage, caused by the use of fireworks.

“Throughout the summer, we received numerous constituent complaints about fireworks, and it is clear that reform is needed,” Hammoud said. “The fireworks law is not likely to be repealed anytime soon, so let’s make it safer. Our intent is to promote and increase the responsible use of fireworks.”

Elder sponsored HB 4295, which would prohibit the ignition, discharge or use of consumer fireworks by minors without the presence of an adult.

“Michigan’s fireworks law was changed in 2011 to allow adults to purchase more powerful fireworks,” Elder said. “I can’t think of one good reason why minors should be able to use these dangerous explosives without the supervision of an adult. Most importantly, this proposal aims to prevent injuries to our state’s children as well as reduce property damage and wildfires.”