This week, the Republican controlled House and Senate passed a roads funding package. I voted no on the package because it:

  • Raises taxes on working families without actually solving the problem of fixing our roads
  • Cuts income taxes for the wealthiest
  • Drains our state budget while putting funding for critical services in jeopardy
  • Fails to address the issue of overweight trucks, which cause the most damage to our roads

Furthermore, the Republican road plan:

  • Fails to identify where more than $800 million in budget cuts will be made, and fails to guarantee that public safety, education and health care funding will be protected
  • Offers income tax breaks that disproportionally help millionaires and billionaires, while leaving regular working families to shoulder the burden of program cuts and road funding
  • Will only generation $452 million in the first year and $608 million in the second year of the $1.2 billion needed annually for road funding, and won’t reach $1.2 billion in annual funds until fiscal year 2021 — meaning Michigan’s roads will continue to deteriorate for years to come

I firmly believe the Republican roads plan hurts many Michigan residents without presenting a clear, long-term solution to fixing our roads.