LANSING — After a brief two day return to Lansing, legislative Republicans once again left the Capitol without taking action on PFAS. Earlier this week, House Democrats called for action on legislation that would strengthen water quality standards in the state. Despite ongoing concerns with water quality and an ever-increasing number of “do not eat fish” advisories, the House now stands adjourned until September 25.

“Every day that we do not take action, Michiganders are exposed to greater risk,” said House Democratic Leader Sam Singh (D-East Lansing). “I cannot imagine why my Republican colleagues would choose to go home when we have a job to do in Lansing. I cannot help but wonder what they think is more important than ensuring every family has fresh, clean water to drink.”

Legislative Democrats introduced legislation that would lower the safe drinking water advisory threshold for PFOA and PFOS from 70 parts per trillion (ppt) combined to a 5 ppt limit each in December of last year. Since that time, Democrats have made numerous calls for public hearings on PFAS contamination at the state and federal level. Yet while Washington began hearings this week, no such hearings have been scheduled in Michigan.

Additional information about the House Democrats’ PFAS Action Plan can be found here: