LANSING — Earlier this year, Public Act 21 of 2019 was signed into law to reform Michigan’s auto insurance industry. The new law does not mandate increased staffing levels at DIFS. In response, state Rep. Isaac Robinson (D-Detroit), whose House Bill 4651 would require the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) to hire one actuary per congressional district, issued the following statement:

“I am urging my Republican colleagues to show their commitment to consumer protection and Michigan drivers by ensuring DIFS has the funding it needs to hire more actuaries. Any potential positive consumer protection provisions in the new law will mean nothing if we do not equip DIFS to enforce them. With more actuaries evaluating the practices of car insurance companies, we can better tackle the crisis of excessive rates impacting my district and ensure that Michigan drivers are being charged fairly. With meaningful oversight by DIFS, insurance companies will be less likely to take advantage of consumers. Now is the time to show Michiganders that they come first.”