Detroit — Today, Detroit Renewable Power, the city’s long-standing and controversial solid waste incinerator, announced that it will close its doors after 33 years.  Operations are expected to conclude this week followed by a complete shutdown in an additional 60-90 days. The incinerator, near the interchange of I-75 and I-94, has been a source of anger and concern for many nearby residents who have raised the alarm about strong odors and noise from the facility for years. In response, state Rep. Isaac Robinson (D-Detroit)  issued the following statement:

“Today’s news should send a strong message to corporate polluters that our state government is focused on protecting the health and well-being of our residents. During my first couple months in office, I focused on building a broad coalition to enact stricter controls and limits on the incinerator. I worked closely with community members on three incinerator-related bills. I made shutting down the incinerator a top priority since I took office in January. This is a victory for families and seniors in District 4 who had to endure dangerous odors for years and shows what a broad coalition of residents can accomplish. No one should have to live under a cloud of burnt trash. This is an opportunity to focus on job creation and renewable energy without putting our residents’ health at risk. It is important that we work together to assist those working in the plant to find new employment.”